A Guide To Going Back To Work After Baby


 How To Return To Work After Maternity Leave

Are you feeling anxious about returning to work after your maternity leave?

There are a lot of moving parts, new routines, and more responsibilities when you go back to work and thinking about it can feel overwhelming.

On top of the overwhelm, you might feel guilty about going back to work. Or, you might be excited to challenge your brain and have some adult conversations. Moms also report feeling nervous, sad, and relieved. Sometimes all in the same day. 

You don't need to go through this transition alone. I've created a guide specifically to help you return to work with ease.


Working Mom
Me and my daughter heading out to daycare and work. 

When I had my children, I was working in corporate. So I have been through the return to work twice. I was excited to go back to work but I also struggled, tried different things, cried, drank a lot of wine, and eventually learned what to do (and what not to do).  

As a whole life coach for ambitious moms, I work with women to help them prioritize, be more productive, manage their minds, and achieve their goals. I've incorporated what I've learned about brain science and self-coaching into this guide too.

I also interviewed women across Canada and the United States to gather their best secrets to returning to work with ease. 

I've compiled the best ideas into this free guide just for you! 


In this free Back To Work After Baby Guide, you'll get support to: 

  • find the best childcare that suits your family
  • create daily routines to reduce stress for yourself and your child
  • plan for those "my child is sick" or "I have to stay late" moments to reduce panic
  • develop a mindset that allows you to be focused and calm at work and home
  • communicate with your partner to share the responsibilities
  • set boundaries that allow you to live the life you want
  • and more

If you work through this guide, you will be more prepared to return to work. And you'll do so with greater ease and confidence. 

I know you can do it! 

Download your free Back To Work After Baby Guide now! 

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